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Meet gorgeous freckle faced Ashley Wolf. Ashley was supposed to be shooting a sensual foot fetish video for me during the pandemic but she decided to turn the tables on me and make it a foot tease cuckold scene and towards ME!! She knows how much I love super soft highly arched feet and super wrinkled soles. She knows just how to tease. She has incredible size 7.5 feet. She points her toes,wiggles them and does great toe spreads. This is actually shot by her and she did an awesome job! Little did I know I was about to be cucked in this video and be made to feel jealous and she's going to be soon making me watch her feet get licked and give a footjob by her boyfriend!! WTF! I hope this foot cuckolding doesn't become a thing, lol! Now, Ashley Wolf makes me watch her oil up her soles and size 7.5 feet! She knows she is on the West Coast and I am on the East Coast and all I can do is sit here and watch and crave those soft feet. She squirts the oil all over her feet and lets it all drip down. She then rubs it in with her hands and then continues to keep pouring oil all over both feet. Her feet are beautiful and shiny and it's making me very jealous. Also, very because I think I know what is coming next!! Of course, now she is making me watch her boyfriend what I like to do the most! That's licking feet!! That's supposed to be my job. See him lick her soft soles up and down as she humiliates me and she knows I am very vulnerable and far away and can't travel due to the pandemic. I am SOOOOO JEALOUS! I was hoping to work with her and then of course, the pandemic hit. My loss, her boyfriend's gain. Ashley cuckolds me the entire time making me watch. Can you believe this? Some nerve! She is such a brat and a sensual tease. She takes her boyfriends cock between her soles after jerking him off with her hands and then rubbing in some oil making her soles nice and shiny. She strokes his huge cock up and down, the whole time teasing me saying she knows how much she knows that I wish this was me and I was getting these soft feet on my cock. Check her out as she strokes his cock in a reverse footjob position and you can tell she's really good at it. She then flips back over and she gets him to cum all over feet. See the huge load. It pours all over her size 7.5 feet. She genuinely enjoyed cuckolding me and making me watch!..