I can think of better things to blow than soap bubbles. Can you guess what it is? Mike’s cock? Bingo! I can’t wait to get my lips on it!

I can also think of other things to do with his cock than blow it. Like fucking, for example. When we’re together, we always find fun things to do!

Mike and I have been having an affair for several months now, and it’s just as hot as ever. With his cock in my pussy, we’re ablaze with passion!

That hot poker of his always turn up my thermostat. It does wonders for him, too. As you can see by the big load of lava that erupts from his cock!

A hot tongue in a hot pussy is a wicked combination. Who can blame me for screeching like a stuck pug when he gives me so many orgasms? Once Mike has an orgasm it takes a few minutes to recharge his batteries. Meanwhile, the fresh batteries in my remote control dildo take a beating along with my ever ready cunt!

Well, here we go again. My pussy doesn’t get a chance to cool down when Mike sticks his hot rod deep inside and wiggles it around! Mike really goes wild with passion when he’s in the saddle like this, riding me like a bucking bronco – or maybe I should say a filly!


Ooooh, it feels so-o-o-o-o good when Mike’s cock shoots out a load of fuckjuice. My pussy loves the feel of the thick liquid soaking it! People tell me I smile an awful lot. Here’s the reason why: because my pussy regularly gets fucked by a long, hard cock like this! I’ve had hot affairs before, but this one is positively incendiary. We should call out the fire department when we fuck!

I keep my slim, sexy body by eating the right things. The only piece of raw meat I put in my mouth is the one you see here. And for dessert? Keep watching! Here it comes, a sweet load of hot cream flowing out of Mike’s peehole over my tongue and down my throat. I hope our affair never cools down!


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