Sexy Asian Legs in Black Stockings for new guy’s 1st porn


Sexy Asian Legs jump right out at you in Manila traffic

For today’s patrol, a brand new guy chips in. His name is John, (no, not John Tron) from somewhere in Western Europe, and he spotted a cute Pinay with sexy asian legs prancing about on the streets on Makati while out on his very first trim-chasing tricycle ride. In classic Trike Patrol fashion, he pulled up alongside her suddenly, and made his acquaintance.  The sweet-looking, slender-framed lass was kind enough not to run or yell for help, if not looking a bit nervous and bewildered at what was going on.
Still, she informed us of her name, Hazel, and continued to chat it up with John as he jovially complimented her looks.  He goes on a bit more, helping get her guard down even further, until finally popping the question about sharing the trike’s sidecar back to his hotel for some impromptu photo-modeling. Maybe Hazel wasn’t as innocent as she first came off, because moments later she was sitting next to him in that trike with those Sexy Asian Legs of hers.

One good ride deserves another for like-minded adults

Once inside John’s hotel room, we see Hazel prancing towards us in breathtaking splendor.  Those long sultry Asian legs of hers crossing one in front of the other, coming towards the camera, wrapped up in tantalizing black stockings John has supplied.  This Pinay has a body suited just perfectly for such an outfit, and the lump in your throat (and pants) will undoubtedly be building by the time you see her turn around and waltz back towards the door in it.  She returns to the bedside and begins to remove the rest of her clothing.  The top comes off to reveal a rather flat-chested look, which I know some of you love.  Small tits on a Filipina babe with such sexy Asian legs in stockings is a real winning combo if you ask me. Hazel sits on the corner of the bed and John does a nice job of getting her to relax and open up a bit about herself.  We don’t always get these extended interview sequences from every Filipina we encounter. Some are either too shy, lacking in English or just in a hurry to get down to business. That said, business was gotten down to only a few short moments later when the interview ended and the video cuts to Hazel bobbing up and down on John’s knob.

Making perfect use out of those Sexy Asian Legs on Camera

For John’s first go at this, I have to say he did quite well. Giving us several camera angles during the blowjob, doggy, missionary and best of all, cumshot. The slutwear he adorned her with was an added bonus, as we don’t often see Pinays in such garments on here. The only downside was the lack of emotion displayed by Hazel, which as we know, is common among some Filipinas. Especially when they are fucking a guy the just met on camera. Still, we got to see a rather hot LBFM amateur get her Hairy Filipina Pussy plowed and that always makes for a good scene regardless. It’s the sum of all parts that count, and Hazel’s parts were pretty damn nice. Speaking of pretty damn nice, wait til you see the finish on this one. Not only was it this guy and girl’s very first Trike Patrol Porn video, but it was also Hazel’s very first Facial (at least on camera anyway). What’s more, John did us the favor of supplying us with two separate camera angles for it. One in 3rd person and the other in POV. This gives you double the vantage point for seeing every last glob of glory-juice rain down on Hazel’s pretty face. Very well done, Sir!
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