There must have been something in the drinks that made my wife so horny….

Free of her inhibitions and growing wilder and wilder, she bent down and started her fabulous “tongue-dance.” She was primed and ready to go when I started threating her the same way.

It was a magical night, for suddenly two hot tongues were playing around my cock and bollocks, I was almost going out of my mind with lust!

I can’t handle these wild women alone! Come and help me! Take care of my wife, won’t you?

I wonder if he felt how my entire nude body cried for him – one man is no longer enough for me!

Yes, give me an orgasm now – drive your big tool through me. This is my favorite sex position. Now, I cried, now I’m coming!

…you want to come even deeper inside me? Alright then, I’ll fold myself double and give you what you want.

Come and join us! Stick it into my mouth and I’ll suck you like you’ve never been sucked before. I never thought I’d see my best friends wife like this. And Christ, she does know how to suck!

I never knew that ass-fucking could be so Marvelous. I’m completely fill up with his cock.

Turn around. Let me show you everything that a man can do with a woman. Wait just a second and you will come once more! Feel how my juice rushes down your swollen cock. My cunt aches with lust! I’ve never been so satisfied.

You, my lovely fucker, you really are a stud!

God, how excited one can get! Oh, my God… Oh, my God…

Now! Now! Our juices finally rush forth, mix together and burn our tortured bodies as our passion fulfills itself and then slowly abates.

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