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I am taking a short winters nap on my sofa when a masked man breaks into my home. He threatens me and forces me to strip down. I remove my shirt and my shorts for him, leaving me in just my black satin thong. He forces me to the corner of them room. Ties my hands up in rope and places my hands above my head. I comply out of fear. He starts tickling me unmercifully. He tickles my arm pits, my sides, my breasts and nipples. He plays extra attention to my nipples. He laughs evilly , as he makes my large perky breasts bounce and jiggle. He digs into my tummy, belly button and even my thighs. He gives me a complete tickle work over. It's easy for him because my hands are tied above my head and my body is stretched as much as possible. I laugh, thrash and scream. A combination because he torments me so! He says, I am being way too noisy and sticks a hot pink and white ball gag in my mouth. He continues to tickle without mercy. Really making me tormented and making me laugh within my gagged mouth. He not only tickles but gropes my boobs and smacks my bum! My eyes become wide when he does such tortuous acts to me! I protest through my gag. He moves me into floor laying on my tummy. My ass is way up in the air. My legs are cuffed to a spreader bar and my hands are cuffed behind my back with leather straps. The cuffs are even locked with little locked to keep me nice and captive. My menacing villain forces me to flex, shake and bounce my booty. Then he digs in my inner thighs and tickles me, into protest and extreme laughter. He tickles so hard, I even scream more then laugh! He moves into tickling my sides and armpits. Smacks my bum some. Then tickles my toes and feet. He even bits and nibbles on my toes and gets heavy laughter in return. My toes are painted a nice classy shade of black. In this section he pays a lot of attention to my feet and inner thighs! I laugh until my sides and tummy hurt. My villain is truly a menace!..

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