Blonde Violet Inescapably Hogtied in Rope Bondage

Violet October is in a fix. On her tummy, in powder blue bra and panties, her nylon-clad legs are hogtied with rope bondage to her boxtied arms in an intricate mass of knots. Through her red ball gag we can hear panting and sighs as she helplessly wiggles her pink-manicured fingers near the knots. Is there any escape? her vulnerable eyes seem to say, as she lays almost immobile on the black floor. She finally shifts a little, then bites into the gag even as her fingers writhe to firmly grasp a knot. Wait! Suddenly her hands get livelier and it looks like there might be progress. She pants and sighs more heavily. She is so complexly bound, the ropes go around her back and over her titties too. Is Violet up to this challenge, or are her fingers only taking an idle stab at freedom? She gets one knot undone, but not enough to free herself this time!

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