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Last week my step sister Taylor asked me to come to her room. When I got there she was wearing almost nothing. Just some see through lingerie. I was a bit weirded out by it but she said she needed my help cause she was gonna wear that for a boyfriend later that evening and wanted to see how easy it was to take those off. Not sure why but I agreed to it, turned out everything was super easy to take off and I don’ think she really needed my help with that but what she really wanted to find out was how fun it was to fuck with her lingerie on. She’s only my step sister after all and she’s smoking hot so I decided to “help” her and help myself while I was at it. It was so much fun to fuck her that I couldn’t hold it any longer in doggy and came deep inside her tight wet pussy. I guess she’s ready for her date with her boyfriend now. ;-)

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