Tegan’s Straitjacket Bondage Orgasms

Let’s see how cocky that mischievous dolly Tegan Tate can be when she’s restrained on her belly in a straitjacket, her struggling naked legs tethered by cuffs to a bondage frame! Violet October comes in, smacks Tegan’s tush, and then tickles the bottoms of her bare feet. Tegan seems to like it fine, even as Violet pulls her head up by the hair. “You’re cute when you’re in pain, so I’m going to be mean,” Violet announces, but she really doesn’t seem too stern as she plays with Tegan’s crotch through her panties and gives the brunette some squealing pleasure. Then it’s time for the buzzing Hitachi wand and Violet puts its head down at the bondage sweetie’s helpless hole, getting Tegan giggling and gasping, clearly delighted to be at the mercy of such an attentive meanie. One bondage orgasm follows the other as we see Tegan’s face in all sorts of sexy expressions as her pussy goes over the top!

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