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Jack Wrangler and Malo star in this ground breaking vintage gay porn video by director Jack Deveau from Hand In Hand Films. Jack stars as a store owner who has designs on his husky employee, Malo. Malo turns down a date with his boss and goes to his hairdresser (Jayson MacBride), who promptly fucks him hard on the barber chair. But Jack and Malo do meet later because, as this film demonstrates, throughout the 1970's everybody in New York City wound up at the Adonis Theatre sooner or later. From the balcony to the boiler room, director Jack Deveau does a good job of showing the wide range of customers (from young to mature, from leather to clean cut) engaging in all sort of sexual enjoyment. In a restroom of the theatre, the manager and a leatherman share blowjobs with one another, the latter blowing onto the sucker's face. Meanwhile, as different Hand In Hand films are playing on the screen, Jack and the barber have met up with one another and are busy beating each other off, but disturbed by the constant intrusions. Into another men's room, three men begin to get into one another. Malo is there and has one of the guy's mouth with his big cock while the other watches. The barber goes down on Jack's boner and Malo is shown plowing ass in the bathroom over the sink. Malo soon glides Geraldo's cock into an ass he was sucking, the film here becoming a full scale orgy. Highlighting this orgy is a dual jackoff session by two Big Bill Elds. Truly a fitting tribute and realistic document about this dubious gay porn landmark at the height of its notoriety. Male Review. Overall, this classic gay porn movie is a nostalgic return to a carefree, gay sex hedonistic era. Bell bottoms and sideburns date this film, but the sex is timeless and still dick hardening today.

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