Ballgagged Leather Belt Escape Challenge

It’s escape challenge time again as ball gagged and stocking-clad Lydia Black and Cassandra Cain sit on the floor and attempt to get out of the snug wrist and ankle cuffs that keep them in bondage. Lydia works furiously and makes the most progress, but it’s not easy at all! Sighing and groaning through her bonds, Lydia exultantly suddenly gets out of her predicament and plants the Hitachi onto her pussy pronto. “I’ve jerked off to porn where girls are stuck but I never got to do it in person before!” Lydia laughs, enjoying the vibrator’s sensations while Cassandra keeps working on her own restraints. Then Lydia shifts the toy over to Cassandra’s crotch while she’s still trying to get free, and the distraction becomes too much so Lydia helps her out of her bondage so Cassandra can finish off herself with a post-bondage orgasm. “That’s so satisfying!” Cassandra exclaims, as the two gals share a sweet kiss.

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