Blonde fetishist Donna Denniere chair bondage in lime stockings and high heels for a suspension rope works session

Suspension Bondage Games

These galleries explore BDSM and bondage suspension techniques using rope, sling chairs, and other dungeon equipment to put submissive women in suspended bondage. The pictorials inside include lesbian sex using a strap on between a fem dom and her slave girl on a sling chair, lots of male domination of bound and gagged women hanging from ropes and other suspension devices, and many other assorted pictures of women in bondage in mid-air.

There is probably not a more helpless bondage than suspension. The submissive is restrained not only by the will of the dominant and the cuffs and rope, but also by her own weight and gravity. She can’t move anything. Whatever pain and pleasures the dom wishes to inflict on her, she will endure without struggle. If she’s gagged as well, she can barely moan.

I have played a lot with suspension bondage. I have special cuffs for inverted suspension that don’t cut off the girl’s circulation. I love to turn a girl into a candle holder. I have a whole leather rig for hanging a woman upright giving support at her ankles, wrists and thighs for a nice long whipping. And I have a sling chair for those times when I feel like a long, leisurely fuck with a securely bound lady.

In one of my favorite scenes at a play party, I hung a slim woman up naked by her widely-spread ankles and inserted two candles in her vagina. After I lit the candles, I started spanking her. Her spasms and flinchings from the spanking caused the candles to spatter wax all over her upturned pussy. It was a hot scene from everyone’s perspective. And a well-lit one.

Shadow Slaves BDSM

Remember to play safe
Check your subjects hands, feet, arms, fingers, etc for lack of circulation
A sure sign that circulation is restricted is if the area is cool to the touch or turning blue (DUU-UUH!)

Bondage can be fun and sensual for all concerned if it’s done right
If it’s not fun for both parties – Something is wrong

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