Young MILF with big tits gets the fuck of her life



Young MILF Allesandra was the latest hot mom I met while on a recent trip to Austin, TX. Upon check-in at my hotel, I spotted this raven-haired beauty down in the courtyard. Once the maid left the area, I made my approach. She was even more striking up close and personally. Wow, what a hot fucking babe this momma was. Said she was traveling for business and liked younger guys. Howdy duty, here I am!

With her big bountiful breasts smiling at me vertically, I found out this young MILF was just 32 years old. Boy, did I want to get horizontal with this one. After a bit more small talk, I finally got up the courage to just cut to the chase. I asked her if we could finish up my “travel documentary” up in my room. When so answered yes, I was more than relieved. I knew that I was in there, boys.


Back up in the room and I got her more comfortable on the bed. It wouldn’t be long before she was undressing to show me that lovely young MILF body. Big bouncy fucking tits, holy shit, men. A nice round ass with neatly trimmed pussy as well. Allesandra would then put on one of the greatest pussy masturbation displays I’ve even seen. At times, going two fingers knuckle-deep inside her humid, hot hole.

If that wasn’t intense enough, wait til you see her suck a dick! Hot damn, this fine young MILF was a champ. Crazy good head game, guys. She even worked in those big heavy knockers for some tit-job action to boot. How I didn’t cum at that point, I still do not know. She then climbs aboard my cock to ride herself to ecstasy; ass and titties bouncing the entire while.

Just when I thought this day couldn’t get any better, Allesandra urged me to cum on her face. Who could deny such a request? Especially for a young MILF of this calibre. Suffice to say, I blasted her pretty face and forehead with my ropes. That’s a MILF well done, right there. Until the next trip!

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