Kinky Lydia Tricks Naive Rachel Into Creepy Bondage Photos

Lydia Black is a glamour photographer taking pictures of Rachel Adams. It’s very vanilla, even as Lydia has Rachel doff her dress and pose in her cute underwear. Rachel is even game for posing in some BDSM gear too, as Lydia cuffs her wrists above to a metal frame. As she takes the pix, Lydia encourages naive Rachel to look like she’s unsure about what’s happening. Next her ankles are cuffed and restrained to the frame so she stands in a spread eagle fashion. Rachel’s curvy body looks so juicy, as she dutifully gets into Lydia’s photo “scenario” and strains against the bonds. But then Lydia adds a red ball gag to “complete the look” and gloats, “Good, now you look really tortured!” The shoot, she then reveals to the previously trusting Rachel, is not going to be so short after all! “Now you’re stuck here forever!” Lydia laughs as she abandons Rachel to squirm and moan in rising fear and inescapable bondage.

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