Toe Sucking and Blowjobs with Justin And Travis

Toe Sucking Guys - Toe Sucking and Blowjobs with Justin And Travis

Justin and Travis don’t mind getting together for some late night fun together as you will see in this scene. The two of them have toe sucking fetishes and it’s clear to see that Travis seems to be more into this fetish than Justin is. The two of them took the day off work to spend together and were eager to please each other.

Justin was fast asleep before Travis came into the room and started rubbing the soles of his feet and then kissing them softly. Kisses soon turned into full on toe sucking and you can tell Justin was into the whole idea based on the size of his cock as it grew in response to the pleasure.

See what Travis does to Justin while he is Sleeping!

Justin‘s cock erected quite hard while Travis was going hard at work on his smooth, fair sized cock using his mouth. With a bobbing motion, Travis figured out the right rhythm to get this boy off. Alternating between foot kissing / toe sucking and giving him head, the two of them seemed to get exactly what they wanted out of the whole experience. Travis got to satisfy his foot fetish while Justin blew his load gracefully thanks to soft lips, enthusiasm and tender loving care.

Foot loving fuck buddies Travis and Justin can’t get enough of each other’s smooth bare feet. Travis rubs Justin‘s smooth feet firmly and sensually paying special attention to his soft arches and the balls of his feet. He then takes Justin‘s big plump toe in his mouth and starts sucking enthusiastically, soon moving on to his pal’s stiff rod. Travis alternates between licking and stroking Justin‘s smooth soles and rigid dick until Justin shoots his load and Travis takes a little of the hottie’s slick cum and rubs it into his pink bare feet.

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Toe Sucking Guys

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Toe Sucking Guys - Toe Sucking and Blowjobs with Justin And Travis
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